Following System

How do I use the categorized following button?

Whenever you see a follow button throughout the app, tap on this button to display the following types. Select a following type of how you would like to follow the user and tap OK. Now the following button displays the name of following category you added the user to.

What is the categorized feed filter?

The categorized feed filter allows users to view posts for a selected following group. If you want to see posts only from your family members you would select the “Family” filter from the following drop-down on the main feed screen. This would then display posts from your family members that you follow only. Let’s say you follow celebrities using our categorized following system. Select “Celebrities” from the drop-down and see only those posts. The categorized feed filter is a quick way of viewing only what you want to see on your feed at any given time.

What is the categorized following button?

The categorized following button works just like a normal following button. The main difference is that this button now has options that allow you to select how you follow a user. When you tap this button to follow a user, you can select from many predefined types (Ex: Family, Friends, CoWorkers, etc.). The categorized following system allows you to group your followings and view posts on the main timeline by selecting a group.

Video Comments

How do I delete a video comment?

To delete a video comment, swipe right on the comment line to display the delete button. Tap the delete button to delete the comment.

How do I record a video comment?

Tap on the post you would like to comment on. Tap the camera icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Once the video recorder is active, tap and hold the record button (Red Circle) for the duration of the video comment. Once you have finished recording, tap the send icon in the top right corner to upload your video comment.

What is a video comment?

A video comment is a short video expressing what you have to say instead of typing a text comment. A video comment allows you to truly express your comment visually which allows for a more personal experience. Video comments can also be set to private so only the post owner and the user commenting can see.

Video Profile

How do I record a video profile?

Tap the profile icon on the bottom of the screen to view your profile. Tap on the edit profile button to make changes to your profile. Tap on the profile file button to record a video profile. Once the camera is displayed, tap on the red circle and hold for the duration of recording your video profile.

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